HEMI Outlaw | Rules This is our big dog class!

HEMI Outlaw | Rules


1/8 mile Heads-Up Racing 




  • Any 2003 and up LX/LC/LD Charger, Magnum, 300, Challenger, Jeep, Dodge/Ram Truck/Durango
  • All Drag Pak/Clone vehicles 2008 and up
  • Any year Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, AMC powered by a GEN III Hemi Engine
  • Any Other NON-Chrysler manufactured DOOR EQUIPPED* vehicle powered with a GEN III Hemi Engine (change effective 5/1/21)*


  • 2003+ GEN III HEMI
  • Modern V-10 Chrysler Engine in drag pak only


  • 3200 minimum weight with driver
  • + 200 lbs for dual type power adder
  • + 100 lbs for billet block
  • 100 lbs for IRS suspension 
  • – 200 lbs for nitrous only powered 
  • N/A cars exempt from weight rules

New weight rules for 2023 in red

Old weight rules below ⬇️

  • 3300 min weight with driver 
  • 3500 min weight with driver for dual type power adder (twin turbo is a single type power adder)
  • 3100 min weight with driver for nitrous only cars ** rule change effective 6/17/22
  • N/A cars have no minimum weight rule
  • IRS cars receive 100 lbs weight break****


  • None


    • Cars must be capable of 5.40 or better to compete in the class.  If the car does not achieve that ET during quals, proof via previous class performance, time slip or video is acceptable.  Slower than 5.40 cars fit in the 8.50 class perfectly
    • IRS equipped cars receive a 100 lbs weight reduction
    • Cars must have an oil retention device
    • Cars must meet NHRA/IHRA safety requirements for ET
    • Class winner is no longer eligible for KOTH.

    ** Reminder: If a competitor is attending an event to earn class points with an alternate vehicle, they can run in a secondary class.  At the end of the season the appearance points transfer to their primary championship class.  This is to keep cars running in the appropriate class and still allow racers to earn appearance points as designed.

  • Drivers will cross over the scales after each pass during qualifying to ensure weight is verified by their competitor AND MSHS STAFF.  **Cars cannot go to the pits after a pass prior to weight verification.  Passing the scales after a pass during elims results in DISQUALIFICATION FROM THAT CLASS**  
  • .400 Pro Tree 
  • Pro Ladder
  • **Forced Induction cars with Nitrous Systems installed will be treated as dual type power adder unless the bottle is removed and nitrous line is disconnected from Nitrous Solenoid.  NO EXCEPTIONS.**  This will be annotated on initial weigh in and enforced each round.  
  • **Cars that do not make weight for their configuration during elims are DISQUALIFIED FROM THAT CLASS**