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Bracket Class | Rules

Class Type

Bracket Style Racing (PRO DIAL)

Class Index

DIAL-IN which can be modified each round.


  • Any 2003 and up LX/LC/LD Charger, Magnum, 300, Challenger, Jeep, Dodge/Ram Truck/Durango
  • All Drag Pak/Clone vehicles 2008 and up
  • Any year Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, AMC powered by a GEN III Hemi Engine
  • Any Other NON-Chrysler manufactured DOOR EQUIPPED* vehicle powered with a GEN III Hemi Engine (change effective 5/1/21)*

Engines Allowed

  • 2003+ GEN III HEMI
  • Modern V-10 Chrysler Engine in drag pak only
  • 2005+ V6
    • for LX/LC/LD vehicles only
    • No V6 Trucks or SUVs


No Restriction

Weight limits


ALLOWED Equipment


NOT Allowed Equipment

  • Aggressive Off-Road Tires
  • No delay boxes or throttle stops
  • No trans brakes

Allowed Modifications


Special Notes

  • All Trucks and SUVs MUST have a 2003+ GEN III HEMI
  • Class is run on a .500 Pro

**Racers that forgo an Index/Heads-Up class as their 2nd class during an event may double enter Bracket for their 2nd entry. Drivers will add an X suffix to their car number on the 2nd entry. Points will follow each car number separately and not to be combined for their Championship total. (Double entry restricted to 13.0 and slower cars)