Pure Drivetrain Solutions – PRESENTING SPONSOR

This is our biggest sponsor announcement of the year!!!!

Please welcome the first ever Modern Street HEMI Shootout presenting Sponsor…… this is our absolute highest level and we are extremely excited to introduce Pure Drivetrain Solutions to the gen3 HEMI drag racing world

Pure Drivetrain Solutions is jumping in with both feet to bring to our market all the transmission hard parts we’ve been longing for. Absolute state of the art and proven in all things ZF 8HP.  Pure Drivetrain Solutions owner Chris Miller has been a corner stone in the import world for years and a die hard racer.  Anyone that will push their car over the finish line to capture a round win is HARD CORE! This notorious story from World Cup was new to me but I am not surprised. Chris is all about “go big or stay home”.

I would like to give special thanks to the Driveshaft Shop and Hemituner Performance for being part if this decision. Adding another layer of platinum tier sponsorship is an opportunity the series can greatly benefit from and they both agreed. We will have a much better program because of this and I am excited to bring these results directly to our racers in 2021

Lets go……