Monty, Burls, and Tony
What is the MSHS? More than just racing.
It's about friendships and a shared passion.

What is the MSHS?

The Modern Street HEMI® Shootout has grown dramatically since its first event at Bradenton Motorsports Park in 2010. We have gained an enormous amount of attention from racers across the country and magazines have flocked to cover our events. We have developed a strong relationship with the NMCA which hosts our series once a year. That event garners national news coverage that puts our series on par with all major race circuits across the country.

What our series holds most dear is its relationship with the close knit online forums from which it spawned. Our core racers come from major late model Hemi internet bulletin boards such as, and

Each forum reaches thousands of car enthusiasts and our events generate an enormous amount of attention through that medium. We are able to provide instant event updates not only through those forums but also through live internet video feeds. Facebook and Twitter have become a strong foundation for event updates and chatter as well, the reach is limitless and continues to grow each day.

The Modern Street HEMI Shootout’s “Heads Up” format is a major draw to our series verses other late model HEMI drag races, which use a bracket/index format only. The Heads Up format brings back the thrill of the all out race and gives sponsors and builders the platform to prove their products are truly the best in the market.

Our racers thrive on victory and the camaraderie found in a shared passion. While we are a competitive group, most racers enjoy sharing information, tricks learned, and the knowledge of what “really works” and what doesn’t. This sharing of information is what has allowed the Late Model HEMI platform to grow and break new ground year after year.

The fastest late model Hemi cars across the country participate in the MSHS and set the standard for records in each class. Racers travel from across the country to participate and to put their build up against the “legendary’ builds they have read about online.

With 6 heads up classes to compete in, there is a heads up class for virtually every build and driver skill/experience level. The precisely constructed rules ensure the fields are as tight and fair as possible.

We are a family and are extremely supportive of those that support the series. Our grassroots vendors not only sponsors prizes for the top 4 in each class but they also hand out dozens of specialty prizes at each event. These awards range from best reaction time to hard luck awards.

The MSHS is all about having fun, sharing our passion, and seeing old friends and meeting new ones. A vast majority of our racers raced for their very first time in the MSHS, which we are very proud of. Racers can start out in the “Street Class” and through inspiration from watching the top tier cars burn up the asphalt, they come back each season having slowly moved up the ranks aiming for the top tier Unlimited Class.

Not everyone strives for the dog eat dog world of heads up racing, not to worry we have something for them as well. We have our own twist on the classic bracket race which we call Pentastar. It’ll get those strategic juices flowing bringing 8 second cars and 14 seconds cars door to door at the tree. Skill is brought to the fore front as you watch the seasoned vet teach the rookie how it’s done. By seasons’ end, don’t be surprised to see the student become the teacher, upsets are to be had by the dozens.

Thanks to our title sponsors, each season the champion and runner up in each class is rewarded with thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Come on out and enjoy our 5 event season which stretches up the east coast and reaches all the way to Ohio.

See you at the finish line!!!


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