Points System – 2024

Points System – 2024

🔸️🔸️2024 Modern Street HEMI Shootout Points Championship Classes🔸️🔸️

🔹️8.50 Index
🔹️9.00 Index
🔹️10.00 Index
🔹️10.50 Index
🔹️11.50 Index
🔹️12.50 Index

🔸️🔸️Specialty Classes to be run on 1 event each🔸️🔸️

🔹️Stick Shift
🔹️5.0 Index

*Specialty Classes will be matched to their event ASAP and are an additional entry at each event.

**Racers that forgo an Index/Heads-Up class as their 2nd class during an event may double enter Bracket for their 2nd entry. Drivers will add an X suffix to their car number on the 2nd entry. Points will follow each car number separately and not to be combined for their Championship total.

Points System – 2024

For any Racer to earn ANY points in the Modern Street HEMI Shootout they must be present at the track on race day or if separate on qualifying day, with their race vehicle.

One Race Driver/ Two Race Vehicle’s

A Driver may qualify and/or drive more than one vehicle during qualifying and eliminations rounds. The driver that qualifies a race car must drive the car during eliminations rounds in all classes the vehicle is competing in. Any racer caught substituting drivers or driving more than the qualified race car during rounds will be immediately disqualified from the whole track event, along with the race car.

Only one of the cars is eligible for King of the Hill and must be declared prior to eliminations.  Failure to declare will leave the decision in the hands of the event organizers if the driver wins more than one class with different vehicles.

Only one of the cars earns points and will by default be the car that the racer previously raced in the series with.  If the driver competes with both vehicles at the first event of the year, they must declare which vehicle will be the points earner prior to eliminations.  Failure to do so will leave the decision in the hands of the event organizers.

Full entry fee must be paid for both vehicles and only one of the vehicles may be entered into a class, no double entry into same class such as bracket class.

Attendance points

Each Racer earns attendance points for coming to an event to race.  If the racer’s car breaks before they make a qualifying run, they must contact MSHS staff immediately to get their points credited as they will not show up in the event’s resulting run sheets.

Class Exemption

A Racer is allowed a one-time Heads-Up class exemption for the season. If a racer normally runs a specific heads up class and his/her race vehicle is incapacitated, the racer will be allowed to run a substitute vehicle (which meets the Index Bracket Class rules) in his Normal heads-up class. The substitute vehicle cannot be a vehicle capable of running in a quicker Heads-up index than his/her original vehicle. After the one-time exemption, the racer must run any substitute vehicle in the class it qualifies for and is subject to Class Jumping rules.

Class Jumping

If during the season a Racer moves up/down to a quicker/slower indexed Heads-up class, the racer will be allowed to carry with them any attendance points (ONLY) earned prior to the jump to a different heads-up class. Any and all points earned during eliminations in any other heads-up class will be forfeited for class championship points calculation and King of Kings Championship. The class participated in the last race of the season will determine the class for Championship Points calculation, unless a class exemption is used.

Championship Points Awarding

  • 3 Points –  Attendance/Qualifying
  • 2 Points –  Round Win
  • 2 Points –  Class Win
  • 1 Point – #1 Qualifier (Heads Up Index classes only)
  • 1 Point – in both Heads Up and Bracket Class for Twin Win
  • Bracket and other point classes are accounted for independent of each other.

King of Kings Championship Points Awarding

FOR bracket and HEADS-UP Index

  • 1 Point – 3rd or 4th place finish
  • 2 Points – 2nd place finish
  • 3 Points – 1st place finish

FOR King of the Hill

  • 1 Point – Each Round win in King of the Hill run-off


**Issues may arise during race day that will need a decision/ruling made by track or MSHS staff. Decision/ruling made by managing staff will be final and will not be reversed. Harassment of any staff after a perceived negative ruling could lead to a permanent ban from the racing series.

***Rookie Class will NOT be eligible for championship points.