Heavyweight Class | Rules Heads Up Racing N/T

Heavyweight Class | Rules

Class Type

1/4 mile Heads-Up Racing No Time

Class Index



  • Any 2003 and up LX/LC/LD Charger, Magnum, 300, Challenger, Jeep, Dodge/Ram Truck/Durango
  • All Drag Pak/Clone vehicles 2008 and up
  • Any year Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, AMC powered by a GEN III Hemi Engine
  • Any Other NON-Chrysler manufactured DOOR EQUIPPED* vehicle powered with a GEN III Hemi Engine (change effective 5/1/21)*

Engines Allowed

  • 2003+ GEN III HEMI
  • Modern V-10 Chrysler Engine in drag pak only

Min Weight limits

  • 4200 lbs – OEM supercharger
  • 4200 lbs – nitrous only
  • 4300 lbs – aftermarket supercharger/ single turbo
  • 4500 lbs – dual type regardless of config (boost plus nitrous)
  • 4500 lbs – Twin Turbo or compound boost
  • 3000 lbs – N/A
**All weights are with driver.


NOT Allowed Equipment

  • None


    • oil retention device required
    • 2nd class will be bracket
    • ⬇️⬇️ Weight changes 

    🔸️4200 lbs – OEM supercharger
    🔸️4200 lbs – Nitrous only
    🔸️4300 lbs – Aftermarket supercharger/single turbo
    🔸️4500 lbs – Dual type regardless of config (boost plus nitrous)
    🔸️4500 lbs – twin turbo or compound boost
    🔸️3000 lbs – N/A
    **All weights are with driver.

  • Drivers will cross over the scales after each pass during elims to ensure weight is verified by their competitor AND MSHS STAFF.  **Cars cannot go to the pits after a pass prior to weight verification.  Passing the scales after a pass during elims results in DISQUALIFICATION FROM THAT CLASS**  
  • .400 Pro Tree 
  • Random pairing with poker chip draw
  • **Forced Induction cars with Nitrous Systems installed will be treated as dual type power adder unless the bottle is removed and nitrous line is disconnected from Nitrous Solenoid.  NO EXCEPTIONS.**  This will be annotated on initial weigh in and enforced each round.  
  • **Cars that do not make weight for their configuration during elims are DISQUALIFIED FROM THAT CLASS**