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2012 MSHS Race to the 8’s

2012 MSHS Race to the 8’s

Sponsored by, Paramount Performance Products & LXForums – prize will be awarded to the first MSHS competitor to run an 8 second pass. The pass must be made in qualifiers or eliminations during heads up runs or Index runs. King of the Hill passes are eligible as well. Must be in MSHS Unlimited, PRO, Stroker or Super Stock trim. Exhibition cars are not eligible for this prize.

Cash prize starts at $500 and builds $100 each 2012 event starting with Spring VMP. Prize will be up to $900 for ATCO if an 8 second pass has not been accomplished prior to then.


Congrats to Brent Hughes for being the first MSHS racer to run an 8 second pass. Brent drove Mike Smiths Blue Bee to the record in crowd pleasing fashion. Congrats to all involved!!!

Brent finally does it!!!!!!