MSHS Hires Mass Traction!

Well I cant hold it in any longer. The MSHS is proud to announce that we have hired Mass Traction to provide the Hemituner Performance ATCO Modern Street HEMI Shootout event with world class track prep. We’ve always had the best air, now we are shooting for the best PREP!!!!

Mass Traction is run by Brandon Mass who was head of IHRA prep and is also the company that Dodge hired to do all the prep for the Demon testing and press days! I have been sharing some of their social media videos and having seen their handiwork in person at the Demon reveal, I can only say it was pretty amazing what they were able to put down in a warehouse so the track is going to be off the hook, or should I say ON THE HOOK!!!

The bill for this is a LARGE one and we are hopeful to get their services for both the event on Saturday November 4th, but also for the rental on Friday November 3rd. I have reached out to our sponsors and the responses have been great. I will post up which vendors and individuals supported this pretty sick concept once we have gotten all the commitments we are hoping to receive. I am also hoping to negotiate with ATCO on the rental pricing to help cover the bill. This is going to be a MAX EFFORT!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in helping the cause, let me know!!