Whipple Superchargers King of Kings

2018 Whipple Superchargers King of Kings Championship

Introducing the 2018 Whipple Superchargers King of Kings Champion.

Not only is Whipple sponsoring the King of the Hill winner at each Modern Street HEMI Shootout points race in 2018 but they are also going to award a true all around champion.  The champion will win a Whipple Supercharger!!!  Thanks to Whipple for making this happen and below is the points system we will use for the chase. We believe that earning points in both bracket and the heads up classes and king of the hill will truly separate who is the KING.

  • 1 point for – top 4 finish
  • 2 points for – 2nd place finish
  • 3 points for – 1st place finish
  • 1 point for – each round win in King of the Hill