Young Guns are taking over

“The Touts” Junior Driver Entry Program

As most of you know, the Touts are a family affair come track day and in that spirit, have graciously donated their “2015 MSHS golden ticket” they won at Challengerfest 6 to one Junior Driver under the age of 21 at each of the remaining 4 MSHS events this year. This allows that driver a free entry into an MSHS event and entry to race in two classes.

John and Linda Toutkoushian have enjoyed watching their daughter Kate and Tony Hamilton’s son Andrew tear it up at the track and are hopeful they can get more of that age group involved in our series. If you know someone that is interested please have them contact us via email and we will pick a name out of a hat if necessary. We’d like the entry passes to be given to first timers at each event so once a Junior Driver uses one it will go to someone else at the subsequent events.

If a Junior Driver wants to use a family members car that is also racing, we will allow that car to be used by the family member in one class and the Junior Driver in another class. One class must be a heads up class and the 2nd class must be bracket.

Email your requests to: