2014 Heads Up Racing Gen 3 HEMI Syle

2014 MSHS Season Recap

The Modern Street HEMI® Shootout started their 5th season in sunny Florida and finished under the lights of ATCO raceway in New Jersey. Let us revisit what has been the best 5 event season for the late model Mopar enthusiast drag racing series to date.

Back in February 2010, Lou Montgomery aka Lou1355 on the Mopar forums, had a great idea. LETS RACE!!!!!!!!!! The “LX” platform was still somewhat new by drag racing standards with most of the cars sold under the DaimlerChrysler’s Gen3 Hemi lineup still on the last legs of their factory warranties. People were just now getting ready to put their rides under the knife and Lou wanted to give everyone across the country an event to run their cars and not their mouths. Born was the Modern Street HEMI Shootout replacing “bench racing”.

On March 3rd 2014 the Modern Street HEMI Shootout (MSHS) after a 3 year absence, came back to where it all began, Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, FL. After a long winter, everyone was anxious to test out their off season mods. Florida did not disappoint, weather and track conditions were perfect. A few top guns were missing with last minute modifications still underway but those in attendance did not disappoint. Racers from as far as New York, Ohio, Michigan and South Carolina to name a few made the trek to the 2014 MSHS Season Opener. The series had gone through an offseason class reorganization and the rules committee was anxious to see the results of their hard work. With all of the various and exotic builds that had evolved over the previous 5 years, it was getting too complex to break down the field into manageable and fair classes. The series kept its flag ship “Run Whatcha Brung” heads up Super Pro class but converted the rest of the classes to Indexed or Elapsed Time (E.T.) based classes. Basically the classes were broken down so that once you knew how quick your car was, you could place into the class that your time fit best into. Those classes were now going to come down to the best setup and driver instead of who was willing to push their car and wallet the furthest. Still heads up but no longer dictated by who had the biggest budget.

The format change proved to be a total success. Drivers now had to decide how and what they were going to do come race day to run each class Index. Strategy had rarely been seen in the MSHS to date with most of the emphasis being placed on who went the quickest. The crowd pleasing Super Pro class still put on a big show. 8 second passes by 4000 plus pound SRT Jeeps still the awe of the event, but now everyone had a chance to win the other classes. Put your thinking cap on and keep your reaction time up to snuff, your car could win its class.

The classes are now broken down as follows:

• PWR Super Pro Class – All out heads up
• ThiTek Pro Class – 9.50 Index
• BilletTechnology Modified Class – 10.50 Index
• Legmaker Intakes Super Stock Class – 11.50 Index
• SpeedLogix Street Class – 12.50 Index
• East Coast MoParts Index Class – Bracket Racing Class

At the end of the event, the winners of each class with the exclusion of Index, had a handicapped face off to crown the King of the Hill. Faster cars had to patiently wait at the starting line as they gave the slower cars a head start based on their “dial in”. No disputing the events top driver/car combo, to get to that point you had to be the best setup on property.

After Bradenton the series continued its good fortune with fantastic weather for each of the remaining 4 events. Visiting Virginia Motorsports Park in April and September, LX & Beyond Nationals, Hebron Ohio in July and finishing with ATCO, NJ in November. Attendance was up at each event along the way with 105 racers, a series best, at ATCO for the season finale. Competition was tough, each class points champion was not decided until the last event of the year with one class finishing in a tie.

The series events have always been about a gathering of friends and this year was no different. Racers and friends from all over the country drove and flew in for the events and a great group from Canada rushed across the border to join in on the action. The parking lot parties have grown to now become official parties and banquets sponsored by numerous vendors providing a great opportunity to put names to faces. The championship banquet had 126 racers, family and friends in attendance to congratulate everyone on a great season. Numerous personal bests and platform records were achieved to include Al Gennarelli’s 8.32 @ 173 mph in the Paramount Performance Jeep, setting a new Super Pro Class record. 2015 is sure to be even better, as our dear friend Lou Montgomery would have wanted, we will continue to race and have fun. “Shut Up & Line UP”

2014 Paramount Performance & ShopHEMI.com Modern Street HEMI Shootout Event Winners:

MSHS Bradenton
PWR Super Pro- Harrison Zauke
ThiTek Pro- Rob Lamb
BilletTechnology Modified- Eric Koll
Legmaker Intakes Super Stock- Jason Strum
SpeedLogix Street- John Bendik
East Coast MoParts Index- Guy Dalton
AMP King of the Hill – Harrison Zauke

PWR Super Pro- Harrison Zauke
ThiTek Pro- Marcus Hughes
BilletTechnology Modified- Wendy Robertson
Legmaker Intakes Super Stock- John Burleson
SpeedLogix Street- John Gevenettio
East Coast MoParts Index- Justin Skudder
True Street Performance King of the Hill – Wendy Robertson

MSHS LX & Beyond Nationals
PWR Super Pro- Jimmy Koutsoubis
ThiTek Pro- Marcus Hughes
BilletTechnology Modified- Justin Skudder
Legmaker Intakes Super Stock- Al Kral
SpeedLogix Street- Nick Coronel
East Coast MoParts Index- Brad Fielder
BilletTechnology King of the Hill – Marcus Hughes

PWR Super Pro- John Lewis
ThiTek Pro- Brian Brunt
BilletTechnology Modified- Justin Skudder
Legmaker Intakes Super Stock- Guy Dalton
SpeedLogix Street- John Govenettio
East Coast MoParts Index- Justin Skudder
BilletTechnology King of the Hill – Justin Skudder

PWR Super Pro- Al Gennarelli
ThiTek Pro- Marcus Hughes
BilletTechnology Modified- Justin Skudder
Legmaker Intakes Super Stock- Ron Skorupa
SpeedLogix Street- John Govenettio
East Coast MoParts Index- Jon Dalton
High Horse Performance King of the Hill – Justin Skudder


Thank you 2014 MSHS Sponsors:

Title Sponsors:
Paramount Performance Products

East Coast MoParts
LegMaker Intakes
Performance Werks Racing-PWR
High Horse Performance
True Street Performance
AfterHours Mopar Performance-AMP
Stage 6 Motorsports
Demon Performance
AGP Performance
Modern Mopar Forum
Joe Dibenedetto
SpeedRated Motorsports
Stellino Savarino
Jon Dalton
John Lewis
John Glass
Harrison Zauke
AJ Berge
Waqaas Quriaishi
BFNY Performance
Plug Creative
Emrico Data Systems
Speedy’s Garage
Captain Ebay
Nitrous Outlet
NYC Mopar Club


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