Darlington 2013
2013 “Perfect Pass” Award Sponsored by East Coast MoParts

2013 East Coast MoParts “Perfect Pass” Award

Andy from East Coast MoParts came up with a great idea, wasnt good enough for him to sponsor the Index Class for 5 events, he wanted a specialty award.

The first person to run a “Perfect Pass” in Index class this year will win the accumulative award of $100 per event. A “Perfect Pass” is a pass that is on your dial to the hundredth and a reaction time of .00x. For example, if your index/dial is 10.25 and you run a 10.25x with a reaction time of .00x, you’d win. If a Perfect Pass doesnt happen at Darlington, the prize becomes $200 at the Spring VMP event and so on. The prize will be up to $600 at ATCO. On top of the $100+ Prize, the first person to run a Perfect Pass will win a $500 store credit from East Coast MoParts!!!!!

If someone runs a Perfect Pass at any event, the next event will start at $100 again until the end of the season. If nobody runs a Perfect Pass after ATCO, the closest to a Perfect Pass wins the $600 pot and the $500 store credit. It will be decided on the closest ET to their dial and using the reaction time as a tie breaker.

Pass must be made during eliminations.

Good luck everyone and thanks to East Coast MoParts!!!!!